Sunday, December 28, 2008

the xmas events..finally passed!

HI..all.finally the x'mas events which held on 24'eve...ended.i felt very seems few days never sleep well.anyway,i felt very satisfied with this show,,on booth selling gifts and least i gt some great experience from the special day.
yesterday,me and my hubby..just went back to hometown...for my parents in house warming was very great to hear that.i slept inside a new room over and......yeah night..
my boutique(stockist)'s web..already started blogged by a customers.go
she really helping me a lot to start the blogging.its very nice.i love that.thanx Cassandra.i really appreciated.because u volunteer to do that for me.thank thanks....although we just knw each other.
today,is my off day..i wish to go for walk get some fresh air!
i will keep on blogging here.sorry there is no photos and i hope i won't make those readers get boring.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

very de no mood for today....

dunno why,life so miserable....thts suppose to be a colorful day ...for every second moments.sometime,i feel like wanna to go for exposed into new ideas for my stuffs.
wht to do,there hv no time this few months.
lastime,when im not working....thts a lot of time...the time so hard to pass.
so,wht i reaaly want to?
can any 1 tell me this....

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


hello,everyone.thx for someone who viewed my blog.And thx for those comments too.
Is about 4 months,i already opened my boutique...time flies very fast jor..busy busy...recently i a bit busy with the preparation of the x'mas event which will be held in pgrm in kl, for my shop.
it will have lucky draw,fashion show,children events as well might be a great day for us although is a busy day.
i really hop to post more photos in this,won't bored those....readers...
today some models for the fashion show...'re tried out those fashion,nice.............i have learn from them,mix and match those clothes too...
tired,is gonna to sleep.....
talk later yah..
.............................hope to update soon.see you.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


hello,all buddies!
quite sometime i didn't managed to blog over here due to my busy stuffs.
well,i have opened a new boutique stockist in somewhere in kl..since Sept 2008.i hv captured some photos from there.but,i not yet upload into my disk yet.
as our,,,new shop..focusing in selling ladies and men clothes,ladies accessories,bags, shoes,bras,kids wear,household stuffs,and many many more.our concepts are allow those customers make ordering from our catalog.
anyway,hop to upload those photos soon....
take care yo...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

finally we're here......

near @ QueensbayMall....side

huh,we're finally here.normally,we only suggest meet gather....but,lastly postponed ler,cancel nor.. on last 11th-13th,sf,sl....went to penang visit sc.......we all already knwn for,time flied very fast ler.
A lotzz of nice foods...over there.....yummy!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My coOking.dishes

~Braised mushroOm-broccolli with vege meat ~

~FrIed Rice~

~Sweet and Sour vege meat~

~MIx Vegetable~

~Fried Brinjal with lady fingers~

~Steamed vege fish with ginger+dried mushroom sliced~

YUMmy...enjoy yah!

My handmade card for shuen!...

If i'm not mistaken i already set an alarm on my make a birthday card for shuen as she requested earlier....(april).but,no idea yet.i already "biasa"do something on the last minutes....the "IDEA"...come out der.
shuen birthday on 12th june....>the nearer her birthday pleasure ...more ler.haha.
ANYWAY,shuen..>hapi belated birthday yo....>

Celebratez "DragonBoat Festival" with my made bazhang

Vegetarian "Bazhang"
On 2nd of june"08,i started to make my "bazhang"(rice glutinous dumpling).thats my 1st time ever i made the bazhang.guess wht!!!thats the 1st round.i made 11pcs BAzhang.eventually,went thru smoothly.the photo showed those "bazhang" after cooked.

next few days...i made another 30pcs bazhang.unfortunately,i forgotten too put something inside this a bit,no taste lol.anyway,still taste good.@ the end..those bazhang all finish ler.


coOked ba zhang....come on taste it...hapi duan wu jie.>>>.>

Saturday, May 3, 2008

i MISs my nECklace very de mUCH..:-(

yesterday(02/05/08),i felt depressed after i realized my necklace lost..dunno somewhere.i dunno whether is it true or not...the feng shui man told me.may be is faith!he told me that i should avoid to wear the white gold type on my body...then,realy disappeared ler.
the necklace,showed on the right hand side....which lost yesterday.i love it very much because that was a present from my beloved aunty for my wedding day.its came with a pair of ear ring.argh!
yesterday i been to the chinese asemble hall for "fa hui" with "".after the the ""...."" to us.i guess i lost it in that area.may be its time to change my luck ,anyway...
its hapen once on last year'07...i went to temple for pray..(for change a better luck)...then the next day...during 6th day of chinese new year..i went back to my house...i been shocked,when i saw all my things in my house mostly robbery by plp.

sometime,it depends on you whether u want to accept it or not.really unbelieveable...